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Size and flexibility gives Mid-North Containers Limited a competitive edge in Northern Ontario. Our largest market is in Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec, although we service Southern Ontario as well.


Our modest size has been a valuable asset to businesses that operate on a smaller scale. We have the flexibility to receive smaller orders and still remain cost competitive because we don’t rely on large production quantities like the bigger players.

mid north

Our company has a 25,000-square-foot facility that employs 4 people, including one student, and averages about two million square feet of cardboard per month. Sales have quadrupled since the doors opened 40 years ago.


Mid-North Containers Limited’s size allows a certain amount of flexibility in custom or rush orders. We feel that our willingness to meet the needs of customers has renewed loyalties of those who tried other companies that were unable to provide the same level of service.


Mid-North Containers Limited has three printing presses that trim, score, glue corners and print up to two colours. The steel rule die machine will trim and score the cardboard to the order’s size for easier folding. We offer a variety of strengths, which range from single-walled to triple-walled, and can withstand 1,300 pounds of pressure per square inch. We have an extremely low turnover of staff, which speaks well for quality, efficiency and great working conditions.

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